Monday, August 1, 2016

RPGaDay2016 - 2 - Best Game Session since August 2015

Believe it or not but I have only had the chance to play one game in the last year and it was Tim Harper's Bunnies & Burrows game from Brigadecon, October 2015. This sets the bar a bit low as far as "Best Game Sessions" are concerned but it was a riot. All of us had far more fun than should ever be had playing bunny rabbits terrorizing a local farmer and his family. I think we somehow knocked down their house with a bulldozer. After going through a dozen or so lesser rabbits I settled (aka survived for more than five minutes as) a fat white rabbit called King Cup who I was playing with an Elvis Presley sneer.

Or so I think.

In truth, it's all a bit fuzzy now. Soft and fuzzy as a bunny should be. I guess I could go back and watch the video but I'm afraid to.

One thing which was interesting about this game was that before it happened I went and purchased a pdf of the original rules and was astounded by how complex and needlessly overwrought they were. Thankfully we just tossed all of that out the window and resorted to playing with roll under percentile dice rolls. There were a few times when I felt that something more needed to be there to give the rolls more weight, but on the whole - for a bunch of people playing through their webcams - a lack of rules and a simple die mechanic worked wonderfully.

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