Sunday, July 10, 2016

7/11 - Happy Crimson Dragon Slayer Day!!!

As well as the release of a brand new CDS adventure module from @tarihard, It's Z2.) Danger Zone An adventure with tanks and babes and evil dead from beyond the grave. There may even be a laser-guided shark thrown in there too.

This is a continuation of the adventure started in Z1.) Monkey Mountain. I didn't get the chance to outfit it with any internal artwork (aside from maps and the mandatory cover girl), but it is a complete full length adventure.

Because this is Crimson Dragon Slayer day, today - and today only! - for the true believers out there I am cutting the price of both modules in half. Yes, that means you can get both Z1.) Monkey Mountain and Z2.) Danger Zone for less than the price of a slurpee. A sweeter dumpster dive has never been had.

So do this miserable summer a favor and turn your staycation into something awesome. Take that trip! After all there's nothing wrong with this brain....

And yes I know I probably should have gone with Kenny Login's Danger Zone, or possibly even the Ramones' Danger Zone. But somehow Trip at the Brain seemed more fitting. Besides, haven't you heard enough Kenny Loggins already? You know you have.